This page displays a copy of the order you have created so far.

You can make changes to the quantity of any ordered item. You can delete an item from the order by changing the quantity to zero. When the page is refreshed (click the Review Order button again), any line item with a quantity of zero will be deleted.

To proceed, click on one of the following buttons:

Action Buttons

New Search
Click on this button to return to the Search page, where you can search for and select more items to add to your order.

Shipping Information
Click on this button to view (and modify, if necessary) the shipping information that will be used for this order.

Review Order
Click on this button to refresh this page. If you changed any quantities to zero, those line items will be deleted from the order.

Clear All Qtys
Click on this button to erase all items on the order and return to the Search page.

Submit Order
Click on this button to submit your completed order to your supplier’s Eclipse system.