This page displays a table listing all the items that match the selection criteria you entered on the Search page.

Table of Matching Items

You can view 10 lines of the table at a time. Each line of the table represents a matching item and displays the Item Description, Availability, List Price and Your Price (determined by the information stored in your supplier’s Eclipse system), and a field labeled More Info. If additional information about the item is available, click on the hightlighted word in that field.

A message at the top of the table indicates how many items are in the table, which lines of the table you are currently viewing, and how many items are currently on order.

Ordering an Item

To order an item, enter a quantity in the Qty field for that item. The item will be added to the order when you exit this page.

Action Buttons
Click one of the following buttons to start a new search, display a different section of the table, view the shipping information, review the current order, or erase all the items currently ordered:

New Search
Click on this button to return to the Search page, where you can do a new search. If you have entered quantities for any items on this page, the items will be added to your order.

Show Next 10
Click on this button to display the next 10 lines of the table of items. Any quantities that have been entered will be saved. Click on the Back button in the menu to move backwards through the table.

Shipping Information
Click on this button to view (and modify, if necessary) the shipping information that will be used for this order.

Review Order
Click on this button to display the current order.

Clear All Qtys
Click on this button to erase all items on the order and return to the Search page.