Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy from Falk Plumbing Supply instead of a big box store like Lowe’s or Home Depot?

Unlike big box stores, Falk Plumbing Supply only carries the highest quality products to sell to our customers. For example, retail bathroom sink faucets sold in big box stores will often have plastic drains whereas the ones we sell have all metal drains. The drain can add up to a price difference of $80-$120 less when buying the retail branded faucets. The same is true of toilets as well. Their interior components may be inferior to ours with hidden things like an unglazed trap way (which can cause more clogs) versus the ones we sell being fully glazed. Generally, their price is less because their quality is less.

Can I purchase from you if I am not a builder or a plumber?

We love our professionals but we also love our homeowners. You do not need a contractor’s license or plumber’s license to purchase products from Falk Plumbing Supply. Because we are a wholesaler, even the homeowner gets a discount on anything they purchase from us.

What type of products do you have on display in your showroom?

Falk Plumbing Supply has three showrooms: Hot Springs, AR, North Little Rock, AR, and Memphis, TN. We have bath and kitchen faucets, sinks, tubs, toilets, showers, grab bars, towel bars and accessories and bidets. We display products manufactured by Kohler, Delta, Brizo, Crosswater, Newport Brass, Mansfield, Jason, Hamilton, Blanco, Elkay and California Faucets.

What kind of discounts do you offer?

Because we are a wholesaler, Falk Plumbing Supply sells all products at a discount. It is not a uniform discount from retail price because each of our vendors has a different discount they extend to us. We base the discount we give you, the customer, on our discount from the vendor, ensuring you get the best price.

Due to frequent price changes from vendors, we do not have prices listed on the products in our showrooms. However, our associates are there to provide the best service possible and will be glad to get you a price on anything you are looking at.

Can my builder or plumber buy at a better price?

Depending on the volume of purchases, a builder or plumber may get a better discount. We see it as a privilege to work with industry professionals on projects, and because they are licensed professionals, we like to take great care of them. Many times, the way somebody hears about our showrooms is through a professional. Due to client confidentiality, we do not discuss a particular customer’s discount with others.

Do you offer delivery services?

Yes, Falk Plumbing Supply offers delivery services to our customers. We cover a large geographical area from central Arkansas to south Arkansas to western Arkansas and all the way to Memphis, TN! We typically have different days that we deliver to different areas.

In Hot Springs, North Little Rock, and Memphis we run a large number of deliveries. Most times a delivery is a $5 fee plus a $4 fuel surcharge. For deliveries outside our normal area, if we agree to do it, the charge typically goes up to $25-$50 plus the $4 fuel surcharge. Our drivers try to accommodate your requests, however, they can only deliver and put the merchandise in a garage or storage building on site.

If I purchase a product that I do not need, will I have to pay a restock fee?

For stock items in good condition – not installed with all materials in like new packaging – we do not normally charge a restock fee. For nonstock items, in the same condition as noted for stock items, we have a minimum 30% restock but in some cases it may be as high as 50%. We do not try to make a profit on returns. We just want to recoup our loss from the vendor’s restocking fee to us. All nonstock items will be clearly noted on your quote from our showrooms.

Do I need an appointment to visit a showroom, or can I come without one?

An appointment is not required to visit one of our showrooms. However, customers with appointments do receive priority. By making an appointment you help our associates be prepared for your visit and you can supply any paperwork (plans, material lists, etc.) that will assist us with your project ahead of your visit. If you come by one of our showrooms without an appointment and are unable to see an associate you can always schedule an appointment and we will set up a time to give you our undivided attention.

Do you offer design or installation services?

No, we do not provide design or installation services – we simply sell the products. We do not have any professionals – decorators, designers, plumbers – that work for us. We can gladly refer you to somebody that provides these services. We recommend only professionals that we trust because of our work with them and feedback from their previous customers.

What sort of information is included in a quote?

When you receive a quote from us it will include the manufacturer’s model number and your pricing. It may also indicate lead times and will note which items are nonstock. We also usually provide you with a “Spec Book” which is a PDF file with color pictures of your selections listed by the room where they belong.