What do you think of when you hear the word bathroom? This unique room in our homes has transitioned over the years from a space of utility to a place of luxury. It has undergone an amazing transformation, from incorporating more elegant plumbing fixtures all the way to introducing smart technologies to revolutionize what we do in our bathrooms.


As bathrooms have grown more spacious, they have also grown more comfortable. The days of utilitarian 5’x 8’ bathrooms are a thing of the past. Additional space brings more comfort as do the things you choose to put into that space. From drenching rain heads mounted in the ceiling to hand showers that allow you to enjoy a bench seat, showers can provide comfort in addition to cleansing. For the final touch you might choose a “comfort height” toilet with a heated toilet seat.

Some of the bathroom fixtures we carry at Falk Plumbing Supply that provide extra comfort are:

  • Delta In2ition shower heads
  • Delta & Kohler Rain Heads
  • Delta & Kohler Body sprays
  • Kohler Comfort Height toilets 16.5” tall bowl
  • Kohler Revolution 360 flush toilets
  • Brizo Hand Showers
  • Kohler PureWarmth heated toilet seats


One of the biggest changes in the modern bathroom is seeing it as a place of luxury – a little oasis amidst our busy lives. One growing trend is the bidet seat – a toilet seat offering warmth and multiple cleansing options. Luxury also comes in the form of style, whether it’s the sophisticated designs of Crosswater faucets fabricated in London or the unique look of the Frank Lloyd Wright collection of faucets from Brizo.

The centerpiece of the master bath is a freestanding tub that offers a luxurious bathing experience whether made of acrylic, cast iron or composites (like Kohler Lithocast). It’s all about the luxury, perhaps the most distinctive element of today’s bathrooms.

We carry several luxury bathroom options, including:

  • Kohler C3 bidet toilet seats with remote
  • Crosswater London Exposed Thermostatic Shower sets
  • Kohler Lithocast Bath Tubs
  • Crosswater London Balthazar Bath Tubs
  • Brizo Frank Lloyd Wright Bath Faucet Collection
  • Kohler Artist Edition Bathroom Sinks


The bathroom can also be a therapeutic place. Steam showers can help with sinus and chest congestion, increase blood flow, and give relief from stiff joints. Microsilk baths (by Jason International) use billions of oxygen rich microbubbles to renew skin, bathing a person in a silky cloud of oxygen rich water that can help with skin conditions like eczema.

Ella’s Bubbles extends therapy to people who may have challenges getting in and out of a standard bath. Their tubs have doors that allow bathers with mobility issues to experience a therapeutic selection of hydrotherapies. Who needs a spa day when you have therapy available in your bath suite every day?

Some of the therapeutic bathroom systems we carry at Falk Plumbing Supply are:

  • Kohler Invigoration Series steam generator systems
  • Delta Simplesteam steam generator kit
  • Brizo Mystix Elemental Experience steam generator systems
  • Jason Microsilk Hydrotherapy tubs
  • Hydrosystems Customized Baths
  • Ella’s Bubbles Walk-In-Baths


Bathrooms are getting smarter. Smart faucets and mirrors can be used to connect with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Start the day with a shower while enjoying the Kohler Moxie shower head with its waterproof Bluetooth speaker streaming music from your favorite Spotify playlist. Or take the shower to the next level with programmable, digital Anthem controls from Kohler.

New technology is quickly transforming the old low-tech bathroom into a new high-tech haven for the ultimate experience in comfort, luxury, and therapy.

Falk Plumbing Supply carries a variety of products for your bathroom that offer advanced technology features, including:

  • Delta VoiceIQ Technology – pairs Touch2O faucet with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Kohler Verdera lighted mirror with Amazon Alexa
  • Kohler Moxie shower head with wireless speaker and Amazon Alexa
  • Kohler Anthem digital thermostatic shower system
  • Delta Touch2O Touch Activated Faucets
  • Kohler Smart Toilets

At Falk Plumbing Supply we want to help you create something that exceeds the normal expectations of the bathroom. We want to help you create an island of relaxation and rejuvenation that will invigorate you in the mornings and help you unwind in the evenings. Whether you are building or remodeling, have a large budget or a small budget, we have something that will fit just right for you.