The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the nexus of families and friendships, whether popping some popcorn for movie night or preparing a Thanksgiving meal of turkey with all the fixings for the annual family get together. The ubiquitous kitchen sink and faucet are essential components of the culinary work center. However, they have evolved far beyond simple utilitarian fixtures. Innovation, ergonomics and aesthetics have become key components in the plumbing of a 21st Century kitchen.


The developments of kitchen sinks and faucets over the past 30 years has been incredible. It includes simple mechanical advances like longer spouts, more durable components (interior valves and exterior finishes), and easier installation (such as integral supply lines) for faucets. Sink materials have advanced beyond simple stainless or enameled cast iron to quartz composite, fireclay and copper.

Innovation has made kitchen faucet finishes more durable by using PVD technology, so brushed nickel stays brushed nickel and titanium stays titanium. Innovation can also be more green methods of making product. For example, Kohler cast iron sinks are crafted from at least 80% recycled material. Other fixtures save water with low flow specialty aerators on sink faucets while still performing as well as their higher water usage predecessors.

Kohler has introduced a new touchless kitchen faucet that activates by the user placing their hand in front of it. Delta offers their touch technology where the faucet flow and temperature can be pre-set and then a touch on the handle or the spout activates the faucet. Whatever the fixture, manufacturers are constantly moving forward with new and interesting innovations.

Some of the innovative kitchen products Falk Plumbing Supply offers includes:

  • Delta Brilliance and Kohler Vibrant Lifetime finishes
  • Delta, Kohler, Brizo, Brasstech, California Faucets & Crosswater London faucets with ceramic disc valves
  • Kohler Lifetime Warranty cast-iron sinks
  • Blanco and Elkay Lifetime Warranty quartz composite sinks
  • Kohler, Blanco & Elkay Lifetime Warranty stainless steel sinks
  • Blanco and Elkay Fireclay kitchen sinks


OSHA defines ergonomics as, “The science of adapting workstations, tools, equipment and job techniques to be compatible with human anatomy and physiology…” This idea of ergonomics has become a key component in the design of kitchen plumbing fixtures. One of the biggest changes has been in the design of kitchen faucets. Today’s faucets have taller spouts making them easier to navigate large pots and pans. Faucets have lever handles that are easier to grasp and use. Most contemporary faucets have a pull-down spray built into the faucet, facilitating versatility by putting it literally at hand for the user.

Undermount kitchen sinks have been common for a long time and they make cleaning kitchen surfaces much easier. Pot fillers are available to help fill large pots at the cooktop instead of having to carry them from the kitchen sink. Hot water and filtered water dispensers are available to be mounted by kitchen faucets allowing quick access for a steaming hot cup of water or a filtered cool glass of water.

To aid further, companies such as Franke, Kohler and Elkay have started manufacturing work center sinks. These sinks have a series of accessories such as cutting boards and colanders that help make it easier to accomplish tasks at the kitchen sink. Some designs are not so cutting edge but can make the kitchen more efficient. Single bowl kitchen sinks are replacing double bowl ones. The sink is typically used for rinsing dishes before they go into the dishwasher. A full-sized single bowl sink makes it much easier to wash some items, such as a grill, that will not fit in the dishwasher.

Finally, the innovation of the Touch and Touchless faucets mentioned above also makes for outstanding ergonomics. Health conditions that inhibit effective grasping of faucets can be accommodated by the aforementioned faucets that rely on a simple wave of the hand or touch. Overall, the biggest changes in kitchens could be defined in terms of ergonomics. In the past, a person had to adjust themselves to the layout of the kitchen, but now people are adjusting the kitchen to their preferred layout.

Falk Plumbing Supply has a variety of ergonomic kitchen products available from our favorite manufacturers:

Kohler, Delta, Elkay, Brizo and Newport Brass

  • Pull down kitchen faucets
  • Pot fillers
  • Soap Dispensers
  • Hot water dispensers
  • Filtered water dispensers

Kohler, Elkay, Thompson Traders, Blanco, Franke and Barclay

  • Undermount kitchen sinks
  • Single bowl kitchen sinks
  • Task center kitchen sinks


A quick definition of aesthetics is the theory of beauty. Whereas innovation and ergonomics are objective characteristics in the kitchen, aesthetics is purely subjective. Ultimately it may be defined as items that the person using the kitchen finds attractive. This may be kitchen sinks with different finishes or materials such as an apron front copper kitchen sink. It also includes finishes on hardware such as oil rubbed bronze, matte black or brushed brass / gold finishes for the faucets. For those that find industrial styles pleasing, Kohler offers a unique series of “semi-pro” kitchen faucets that capture the look of commercial pre-rinse units.

Indeed, some broad descriptors may be used such as “contemporary” fixtures, “traditional” fixtures or “transitional” ones. The industry offers definitions of each one, but you may define them differently. Sometimes you do not know exactly what you are looking for until you see it. That’s ok! That’s why we have showrooms. The overall aesthetic in the kitchen is going to exceed just faucets and sinks. It incorporates lighting, cabinet hardware, appliances and countertops. These are items Falk Supply does not sell, but our showroom team is experienced at helping you find just the right faucet and sink to fit into the aesthetic vision of YOUR kitchen!

Some of our most aesthetically pleasing products include:

  • Kohler, Elkay, Franke, Blanco, Barclay & Thompson Traders copper, stone and other type of kitchen sinks, apron front or undermount
  • A variety of finishes starting with Oil Rubbed Bronze or Matte Black and incorporating a total of 32 different colors from manufacturers such as Newport Brass
  • Kohler and Elkay semi-pro faucets
  • A large selection of styles from all manufacturers

At Falk Plumbing Supply we want to help you create a kitchen that includes all of the innovations, ergnomics, and aesthetics you're looking for. Whether you are building or remodeling, have a large budget or a small budget, we have something that will fit just right for you.